Swap Hex Endianness

Swap Hex Endianness Tool

Introduction of the Tool:

The “Swap Hex Endianness Tool” is a web-based utility designed to swap the endianness of hexadecimal numbers. Users can input a hexadecimal number, and with a single click, the tool will swap the byte order (endianness) of the number.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Input Hexadecimal Number: Enter the hexadecimal number you want to swap endianness for into the input field provided.
  2. Click “Swap Endianness” Button: After entering the hexadecimal number, click on the “Swap Endianness” button.
  3. View Result: The tool will swap the endianness of the input hexadecimal number and display the result below the input field.

Functionality of the Tool:

The tool works by reversing the byte order of the input hexadecimal number. It iterates through the hexadecimal number in pairs of characters and reverses their order to swap the endianness. The result is then displayed to the user.

Benefits of Using the Tool:

  1. Endianness Adjustment: Easily swap the endianness of hexadecimal numbers for compatibility with different systems.
  2. Byte Order Visualization: Quickly visualize the byte order changes to understand their impact on data interpretation.
  3. Efficiency: Simplifies the process of endianness conversion without the need for manual calculations.
  4. Versatility: Works with any hexadecimal number, allowing for a wide range of endianness swapping options.


Q: Can I input both uppercase and lowercase hexadecimal numbers? A: Yes, the tool accepts both uppercase and lowercase hexadecimal input.

Q: What happens if I input an odd-length hexadecimal number? A: The tool will ignore the last character if the input hexadecimal number has an odd length.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of times I can use the tool? A: No, you can use the tool as many times as needed.

Q: Can I use this tool to swap endianness of non-hexadecimal data? A: No, this tool is specifically designed for swapping the endianness of hexadecimal numbers.