IP Subnet Calculator

IP Subnet Calculator

1. Purpose: This tool calculates various subnet-related information based on an IPv4 address and subnet mask.

2. How to Use:

  • IP Address Input: Enter the IPv4 address in the format xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.
  • Subnet Mask Input: Enter the subnet mask in the same format.
  • Calculate Subnet Button: Click the button to perform the subnet calculation.
  • Result: The calculated network address, broadcast address, and available host range will be displayed below.

3. Features:

  • Validation: Ensures valid inputs for the IP address and subnet mask using regular expressions.
  • Binary Conversion: Converts the IP address and subnet mask to binary format for bitwise operations.
  • Subnet Calculation: Determines the network address, broadcast address, and available host range based on the IP address and subnet mask.
  • Increment and Decrement Binary: Helper functions to increment or decrement binary values.

4. Benefits:

  • Accuracy: Provides accurate subnet calculations based on the input IPv4 address and subnet mask.
  • Efficiency: Performs subnet calculations quickly and efficiently.
  • Convenience: Offers a user-friendly interface for subnet calculations without the need for manual bitwise operations.

5. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

  • Q: What is a subnet mask?
    • A: A subnet mask is a 32-bit number used in IPv4 addresses to divide the address into network and host portions.
  • Q: What is a network address?
    • A: The network address is the address of the network to which a device is connected, obtained by applying the subnet mask to the IP address.
  • Q: What is a broadcast address?
    • A: The broadcast address is a special address used to send data to all devices on a network segment.
  • Q: What is the available host range?
    • A: The available host range includes all IP addresses within a subnet that can be assigned to devices, excluding the network address and broadcast address.