Sort a Matrix

Sort Matrix
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Welcome to the Sort a Matrix tool! This tool allows you to sort the values in a matrix/table by selecting a specific column.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Input the values in the matrix/table cells. You can modify the default values provided in the input fields.
  2. Select the column by which you want to sort the matrix using the dropdown menu labeled “Sort by.”
  3. Click on the “Sort Matrix” button.
  4. The tool will rearrange the rows of the matrix/table based on the selected column’s values.

Functionality of the Tool:

The tool utilizes JavaScript to extract the values from the HTML table, sort them based on the selected column, and update the table accordingly.

Benefits of Using This Tool:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: The tool provides a simple interface with input fields and a dropdown menu, making it easy to use.
  2. Dynamic Sorting: You can dynamically sort the matrix/table based on different columns, allowing for versatile data analysis.
  3. Real-Time Updates: Sorting the matrix updates the table instantly, providing immediate feedback on the rearranged data.
  4. Customizable: You can input your own values into the matrix and select any column for sorting, offering flexibility in data manipulation.


Q: Can I sort the matrix in ascending or descending order? A: Currently, the tool sorts the matrix in ascending order only. However, you can modify the JavaScript code to implement descending sorting if needed.

Q: How does the tool handle ties in sorting? A: If there are ties (i.e., equal values) in the selected sorting column, the tool maintains the original order of the rows within the tied values.

Q: Can I use this tool for matrices with a different number of columns? A: Yes, you can modify the HTML table structure and JavaScript code to accommodate matrices with a different number of columns. Just ensure that the input fields and sorting dropdown are aligned correctly.