ASCII Animation

ASCII Animation

ASCII Animation



The ASCII Animation is a simple web-based tool that displays an animated sequence using ASCII art. It provides a fun way to create and visualize short animations using text characters.

Steps to Use:

  1. Open the Page: Open the web page containing the ASCII Animation.
  2. Watch the Animation: The animation will automatically start playing once the page loads. Enjoy watching the ASCII art sequence as it animates through different frames.


  • ASCII Animation: The tool displays a series of ASCII frames in sequence, creating the illusion of movement or change over time.
  • Frame Rate Control: You can adjust the frame rate to change the speed of the animation. The current frame rate is set to 500 milliseconds per frame.
  • Customizable Frames: You can customize the ASCII frames to create different animations by modifying the content of the frames array in the script.


  1. Simple and Lightweight: The tool is lightweight and easy to use, requiring only a web browser to view the animation.
  2. No External Dependencies: It does not require any external libraries or plugins to run, making it accessible on any device with a web browser.
  3. Creative Expression: Users can create their own ASCII animations by editing the frames and adjusting the frame rate according to their preferences.
  4. Educational Tool: It can be used to learn about ASCII art and animation techniques in a hands-on and interactive way.


  • Q: Can I create my own ASCII animations?
    • A: Yes, you can customize the frames array in the script to create your own ASCII animations with different sequences and content.
  • Q: How do I adjust the speed of the animation?
    • A: You can adjust the frame rate by changing the value of the frameRate variable in the script. Lower values will increase the speed, while higher values will decrease it.
  • Q: Can I use this tool to create longer animations?
    • A: Yes, you can extend the animation by adding more frames to the frames array and adjusting the totalFrames variable to control the duration of the animation.