Create a File From Hex Bytes

Create File from Hex Bytes

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Introduction of the Tool:

This Create a File From Hex Bytes tool is a web-based utility designed to create a binary file from hexadecimal bytes. Users can input hexadecimal bytes, and the tool will convert them into binary format and generate a downloadable binary file.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Input Hexadecimal Bytes: Paste the hexadecimal bytes you want to convert into binary format into the textarea provided.
  2. Create File: Click on the "Create File" button.
  3. Download File: The tool will generate a binary file containing the converted bytes, which will be automatically downloaded.

Functionality of the Tool:

  • Hexadecimal to Binary Conversion: It converts the input hexadecimal bytes into binary format.
  • Binary to Byte Array Conversion: The binary string is converted into a byte array, where each byte represents 8 bits of binary data.
  • File Creation: The tool creates a binary file from the byte array and generates a downloadable link for the user.
  • Download: Upon clicking the "Create File" button, the tool automatically downloads the binary file.

Benefits of Using the Tool:

  1. Efficiency: Users can quickly convert hexadecimal bytes into a binary file without manual conversion.
  2. Accuracy: The tool ensures accurate conversion of hexadecimal bytes into binary format.
  3. Convenience: It provides a simple interface for users to input hexadecimal bytes and download the resulting binary file.
  4. Versatility: Users can use this tool for various purposes, such as creating binary files for testing or transferring data in binary format.


  1. Can I input spaces or other delimiters in the hexadecimal bytes?
    • No, the tool removes any whitespace or delimiters from the input hexadecimal bytes before conversion.
  2. What format should the hexadecimal bytes be in?
    • The hexadecimal bytes should be in a continuous string format without any spaces or delimiters between them.
  3. Is there a limit to the size of the input hexadecimal bytes?
    • The tool does not impose a strict limit on the size of the input, but larger inputs may result in longer processing times and larger file sizes.