Draw an Euler Spiral

Euler Spiral

Euler Spiral


Welcome to the Draw an Euler Spiral! This tool enables you to generate an Euler spiral based on the specified number of points and the rate of growth.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Number of Points: Enter the desired number of points to be plotted on the spiral.
  2. Rate of Growth: Specify the rate at which the spiral expands.
  3. Draw Spiral: Click the "Draw Spiral" button to generate the Euler spiral based on your inputs.


  • Dynamic Generation: The tool dynamically generates the Euler spiral based on the user-defined parameters.
  • Real-time Visualization: As you adjust the input values, the spiral updates in real-time, providing instant feedback.
  • Customizable: Users can customize the number of points and the rate of growth to create different Euler spirals.


  • Visualization: Provides a visual representation of the Euler spiral, helping users understand its characteristics.
  • Educational Tool: Ideal for students learning about mathematical curves and their properties, particularly in the context of calculus and geometry.
  • Exploration: Allows users to explore various configurations of the Euler spiral and observe how changes in parameters affect its shape.


  • Q: What is an Euler Spiral?
    • A: An Euler spiral, also known as the clothoid, is a spiral curve that increases in curvature linearly with its curve length. It is widely used in engineering and architecture for smooth transitions between curves.
  • Q: How does the rate of growth affect the spiral?
    • A: The rate of growth determines how quickly the spiral expands. Higher rates result in faster expansion, while lower rates produce slower expansion, affecting the overall shape of the spiral.