Draw a Fermat Spiral

Fermat Spiral

Fermat Spiral


Welcome to the Draw a Fermat Spiral tool! This tool enables you to generate a spiral based on Fermat's Spiral, also known as the parabolic spiral.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Number of Points: Enter the desired number of points to be used in generating the spiral.
  2. Draw Spiral: Click the "Draw Spiral" button to create the Fermat spiral based on your input.


  • Dynamic Spiral Generation: The tool dynamically generates the Fermat spiral based on the specified number of points.
  • Real-time Visualization: As you adjust the number of points, the spiral updates instantly, providing immediate feedback.
  • Customizable: Users can customize the number of points to create Fermat spirals of varying complexity.


  • Visual Representation: Offers a visual representation of Fermat's Spiral, demonstrating the graceful curvature produced by the equation 𝑟=Root𝜃.
  • Mathematical Exploration: Ideal for students and enthusiasts interested in exploring the geometric properties of mathematical curves.
  • Educational Tool: Provides an interactive way to learn about Fermat's Spiral and its mathematical significance.


  • Q: What is Fermat's Spiral?
    • A: Fermat's Spiral is a spiral defined by the equation 𝑟=Root𝜃​, where r is the distance from the origin (radius) and θ is the angle in radians.
  • Q: How does the number of points affect the appearance of the spiral?
    • A: Increasing the number of points results in a denser spiral with more curves, while decreasing it produces a sparser spiral with fewer curves.