Draw a Apollonian Gasket

Apollonian Gasket

Apollonian Gasket


Welcome to the Draw a Apollonian Gasket tool! This tool allows you to visualize the construction of an Apollonian Gasket, a fractal structure created from circles tangent to three mutually tangent circles.

Steps to Use the Tool:

  1. Number of Iterations: Enter the desired number of iterations to generate the Apollonian Gasket.
  2. Draw Gasket: Click the "Draw Gasket" button to create the fractal pattern.


  • Circle Construction: The tool constructs the Apollonian Gasket by iteratively generating circles tangent to three mutually tangent circles.
  • Fractal Generation: Each iteration adds complexity to the gasket, resulting in a visually intricate pattern.
  • Customization: Users can control the number of iterations to adjust the level of detail in the generated gasket.


  • Mathematical Exploration: Provides an interactive way to explore the construction of the Apollonian Gasket and its fractal properties.
  • Visual Representation: Offers a visual representation of the Apollonian Gasket, showcasing its geometric beauty and self-similarity.
  • Educational Tool: Suitable for students and enthusiasts interested in fractals, geometry, and mathematical visualization.


  • Q: What is an Apollonian Gasket?
    • A: An Apollonian Gasket is a fractal structure formed by circles that are tangent to three mutually tangent circles. Each iteration adds more circles, creating a visually appealing and intricate pattern.
  • Q: How is the gasket constructed?
    • A: The gasket is constructed by recursively generating circles tangent to three mutually tangent circles, with each iteration adding more circles based on specific geometric relationships.