Create a Table

Dynamic Table

Dynamic Table

Introduction of Tool:

The “Create a Table” tool is a web-based utility designed to generate a dynamic table with customizable rows and columns. Users can specify the number of rows and columns they want in the table, and the tool dynamically creates the table accordingly. It also provides functionality to edit cell values and sort table columns.

Steps to Use This Tool:

  1. Enter the desired number of rows and columns in the respective input fields.
  2. Click the “Create Table” button to generate the dynamic table.
  3. Optionally, click the cells to edit their values.
  4. Click the “Sort Column” button to sort a specific column in ascending order.

Functionality of the Tool:

  • Create Table: Generates a dynamic table with the specified number of rows and columns. Each cell is initially filled with default values.
  • Edit Cell: Allows users to edit the value of a cell by clicking on it. A prompt window appears to enter a new value.
  • Sort Column: Sorts a specific column of the table in ascending order. Users must provide the index of the column they want to sort.

Benefits of Using This Tool:

  1. Customization: Easily generate tables with any desired number of rows and columns.
  2. User Interaction: Enable users to interact with the table by editing cell values.
  3. Data Organization: Efficiently organize data in a tabular format for analysis and presentation.
  4. Sorting Capability: Sort table columns to arrange data in a desired order for better readability.


  1. Can I change the number of rows and columns after creating the table?
    • Yes, you can change the number of rows and columns by entering new values and clicking the “Create Table” button again.
  2. What happens if I enter non-numeric values in the rows or columns input fields?
    • The tool will treat non-numeric inputs as 0 and create a table with zero rows or columns.
  3. How does the sorting function work?
    • The sorting function sorts the specified column in ascending order based on the text content of the cells in that column.
  4. Is it possible to sort columns in descending order?
    • Currently, the tool only supports sorting columns in ascending order. However, you can modify the JavaScript code to implement descending order sorting if needed.