Convert Unary to Hex

Convert Unary to Hex


The "Convert Unary to Hex" tool enables users to convert a unary number into its hexadecimal representation.


  1. Enter the unary number in the input field labeled "Enter Unary Number."
  2. Click the "Convert to Hexadecimal" button.
  3. The hexadecimal representation of the unary number will be displayed below.


The tool performs the following steps to convert unary to hexadecimal:

  1. It defines the unary representation of each hexadecimal digit.
  2. It splits the unary string into individual unary representations.
  3. It converts each unary representation to its corresponding hexadecimal digit.
  4. It concatenates the hexadecimal digits to form the final hexadecimal representation.


  1. Hexadecimal Representation: Easily convert unary numbers to hexadecimal format.
  2. Simple Interface: The tool provides a straightforward interface for quick conversion.
  3. Educational: Helps users understand the relationship between unary and hexadecimal numeral systems.


Q: What is a unary number?
A: In unary representation, numbers are represented by a series of identical symbols. For example, the number 3 is represented as '111' in unary.

Q: Can I input any unary number?
A: Yes, as long as the input consists of valid unary representations and is within the tool's input constraints.

Q: Are there any limitations to the input?
A: The tool accepts unary numbers represented as a series of '1's separated by spaces. Non-unary characters or invalid representations may not produce accurate results.