ASCII to Unicode Converter

ASCII to Unicode Converter

ASCII to Unicode Converter

ASCII to Unicode Converter

This ASCII to Unicode Converter tool allows you to convert ASCII text to Unicode code points.

How to Use

  1. Input ASCII Text: Enter or paste the ASCII text you want to convert into the provided textarea.
  2. Click "Convert to Unicode": Initiate the conversion process by clicking the button.
  3. View Unicode Output: The Unicode code points corresponding to the ASCII characters will be displayed in the output textarea below.


The tool iterates through each character of the input ASCII text. It retrieves the Unicode code point of each character by converting its ASCII code to hexadecimal representation, prefixed with "U+".


  • Unicode Representation: Provides a way to represent ASCII characters in their Unicode code point form, enabling interoperability with various systems and platforms.
  • Hexadecimal Format: Presents Unicode code points in a standardized hexadecimal format, facilitating easy understanding and compatibility with Unicode standards.
  • Character Identification: Allows users to identify and analyze the Unicode representation of ASCII characters, aiding in text processing and data transformation tasks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Unicode? A: Unicode is a standard for consistent encoding, representation, and handling of text data in computers. It assigns unique code points to characters from various writing systems, enabling multilingual text support and interoperability across different platforms.

Q: Can I convert non-ASCII characters to Unicode using this tool? A: This tool is specifically designed to convert ASCII characters to Unicode code points. While it may work for some non-ASCII characters, the results may not be accurate or meaningful for characters beyond the ASCII range (0-127).

Q: How are the Unicode code points represented? A: Each Unicode code point is represented in hexadecimal format, prefixed with "U+". For example, the ASCII character 'A' (with ASCII code 65) will be represented as "U+0041".

Q: Are there any limitations to converting ASCII to Unicode? A: This tool converts ASCII characters to their corresponding Unicode code points, but it does not handle complex text transformations or character encoding issues beyond basic ASCII characters.


The ASCII to Unicode Converter tool provides a simple yet effective way to convert ASCII text to Unicode code points. Whether you're exploring character encodings, analyzing text data, or working with multilingual content, this tool offers a convenient solution for converting ASCII characters to their Unicode representations.